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American Music: Off the Record does the unthinkable. It asks musicians what they think about the recording industry. Because the film ignores pop culture icons in favor of older or less well-known artists, the opinion is clear: the recording industry doesn't serve the music. The film is a rallying cry for musicians and artists in general. It denounces the corporate model of packaging art for the masses, as if it is a commodity to be bought and sold on the stock exchange. These rebel musicians are fighting for a chance to control their own destiny. They want to make music and make a connection with the audience. American Music: Off the Record seems to be able to make such a connection, and hopefully people will listen.


Jackson Browne, Noam Chomsky, Ray Price, Douglas Rushkoff, & an amazing assemblage of musicians.

Directed and Cut by Benjamin Meade

Produced by Frank Hicks

Corticrawl Productions, LLC

Copyright 2008

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The story behind "3 Biker Stooges". It all began with a man who was
born during the production of one of the most popular Harley Davidson
engines of all time - the Knucklehead -- manufactured from 1947 to 1951.
Also during this era, a popular TV show aired, The Three Stooges. This was
a time of innocence when boys could roam free to explore, striking out
just to waste away an afternoon or the day.

Years later, now a man, he became the owner of not only a Harley Davidson,
but a business selling Harley Davidson parts -- FOG Cycles. He became
acquainted with many, many new friends. But two of the new friends
quickly became a part of his life....forever.

The three men rode their Harley's as often as they could. As in
boyhood, roaming and exploring many places, short road trips as well as
long. And, just as boys meeting new experiences, the three shared great
times together. Because of their crazy antics and carefree life style,
the three friends, seeing the similarities, referred to themselves as the
"Three Stooges," the "3 Biker Stooges," and "Knuckleheads." To represent
their friendship, the image of 3 Biker Stooges was created as a business

One sad day, the trio was broken apart. After suffering a long illness,
it was time for one of the men to move on to a better place. Suddenly,
the second of the trio was called to join the other.

The first of the trio has now added to the logo in remembrance of the
two gone before. If one looks closely, two halos are seen floating
above the two riders that have gone on to travel a new road. They'll
always be fondly remembered by all who met them, and those who
haven't, will now know the story of the friends who became the 3 Biker

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